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High Pressure Nozzles

Removing the blockage from tubes, pipes, and equipment is one of the most important concerns during the cleaning process. Sediments are created from the accumulation of waste materials, including salt, (polymeric) sand, and carbonate. The possibility of clogging in the heat exchanger tubes are found in various industries, and it takes time to eliminate the severe obstruction for hours and sometimes days. Based on the cleaning area, type of sediment, velocity and the volume of the flow, and the maximum working pressure up to 2800 bar, high pressure nozzles are categorized into three types of fixed, rotating, and insert groups.

These nozzles provide the safest cleaning operation in the shortest possible time and are compatible with a variety of waterjet units for sediment removal operations.
Using a working pressure of up to 2800 bar, these nozzles are able to match waterjet units to remove blockage with the highest efficiency. The control of high-pressure water is very complicated and requires precise calculations and its specific technology.
SMC nozzles are standardized, time and cost effective.





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